L'ANZA haircare


Hair on West Street an official L'ANZA salon.

L’ANZA is the only haircare brand that produces products and colour that actually heal the hair. The misuse of chemical colour processing and thermal styling result in over 80% of the new salon clients that we see, arrive already having damaged hair.


The L’ANZA formulations that we use contain the most advanced ingredients to heal the damage and renew the hair, we believe that healing is the foundation for beautiful looking healthy hair.


L’ANZA – How we heal hair

Keratin healing system – replenishes vital keratin while it heals the hair.

Nano science 10 – delivers restoring ingredients deep inside the hair.

Triple UV Protection – shields from damaging UVA/UVB/UVC sun rays.

Sulphate & Sodium Chloride free Shampoos – gentle effective cleansing.

Paraben free formulas – for health and peace of mind.

Gluten free – for the peace of mind to allergy sufferers.

Organic & Wild-crafted botanicals – for natural shine and control.


Healing colour

Colour attachment technology maintains true to tone colour. L’ANZA colour heals, seals and protects using the exclusive Flower shield complex and keratin healing system for richer longer lasting colour. Intermixable shades give infinite creative potential for a richer colour that really lasts longer than conventional systems.


Keratin bond 2

L’ANZA’s exclusive Keratin bond 2 complex replenishes vital keratin protein to heal & strengthen the hair from root to tip. A unique blend of organic botanicals & anti-oxidant vitamins leave the hair soft, shiny and radiant.


Planet Earth.

L’ANZA products promote a healthy sustainable earth,

Packaging is fully recyclable

Organic & wild-crafted botanical ingredients

No animal testing, cruelty free

No carcinogens, clean air formulas

Actions to save the rainforests.




Opening Hours 

Monday:   09:00-18.00
Tuesday:   09:00-18.00
Wednesday:   09:00-18.00
Thursday:   09:00-19.00
Friday:   09:00-18.00
Saturday:   09:00-18.00
Sunday:   Closed
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